Our top priority is always to do our best to help customer solve their Aircon problem and we promise that we will never compromise on the quality of work so as to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our companies provide better aircon solutions, read more to check out our aircon servicing best price.

You can opt for our routine inspection, maintenance, and repair services on a yearly contract with two, three, four, and six visits a year. Our scope of work during a standard visit includes: 

  1. Washing of drip tray and the flush drain pipe.
  2. Checking the thermostat, ventilation control, and speed for normal functions.
  3. Checking the electrical control circuit for safety.
  4. Checking and tightening of all loose connections.
  5. Checking of the refrigerant circuits for any leakages.
  6. Checking and recording various operational data.
  7. Testing the gas pressure with thermometers.
  8. Cleaning of filters and blower fans with vacuum and brushing of heat exchanger.

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