Aicon Cleaning Service Ampang

Aircon General Cleaning

An aircon general cleaning is done to clear dust, grime, mould and other debris from the indoor blower unit or the outdoor compressor unit. It should be routinely carried out every 3 to 4 months to keep your aircon in top working condition. Otherwise, dust buildup can overwork your aircon may cause damage. A dirty aircon will also pollute the indoor air.

An aircon general cleaning will typically involve wiping and vacuuming the fan blades and fins, washing the dust filters, vacuuming cleaning the rotary blades, checking the drainage pipes, and inspecting the gas/refrigerant pressure levels.

Aircon chemical cleaning

An aircon chemical cleaning is a more detailed and thorough cleaning compared to general cleaning. In addition to general cleaning, this task also includes opening the blower unit and removing the rotary blades for cleaning. The outdoor compressor is also opened to clean the fan and inside of the casing. All cleaning is done using a special chemical wash to remove dirt and grime. Aircon chemical cleaning is normally done every year.

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