Aircon Cleaning Service Titiwangsa

Our Services provided:

  • Cleaning & Washing of indoor air filters 
  • Wiping of blower and Fan Blade
  • Cleaning of Indoor Unit Housing
  • Cleaning & check-up on outdoor condenser unit
  • Checking for abnormal noises, adjust & calibrate
  • Checking temp sensor & visible electrical components

Types of aircon refill gas

Different types of aircon units may use different types of refrigerant gas. The most common ones in Malaysia are R22, R410A and R32.

R22 is one of the most common aircon gas used in split unit aircons. However, it is harmful to the ozone layer, and Malaysia has plans to phase it out over the next few years. R410 and R32 are newer types of aircon gas that have less impact on the environment and are commonly used in newer inverter units.

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