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Air conditioner is a device or machine which improves the condition of air that we breathe in our environment, mostly in closed spaces like room in the house or office. Basically, it is designed for environmental comfort in respect of temperature and humidity control. Now a day, usually windmill is used to cool down the air temperature in the homes and offices.

History explains that basic principles of palm leaf are applied during the ancient Egyptian time first. End of the 19th century or early 20th century, advent of the technology and chemistry, thermotidote invented in 1902 by the person called Willis Carrier, whose name holds the famous brand today.

In order to control the humidity and the temperature, this flabellum composed of different parts, like compressor, condenser, evaporator i.e. each every unit has its own functions, but when combined full air conditioning cycle will complete and device functions well.

Manufactured ventilator devices have wide variety as well depending on cooling capacity, applicable locations i.e. For example, if the size of the room wanted to be cooled the temperature down dictates the cooling capacity of the device, which is measured by the British Thermal Unit,  in short BTU. The higher the BTU value of the device, the higher the capacity is, means could control the bigger size rooms.

BTU is also related to the compressor horse power (HP) directly. The bigger HP the compressor has the bigger BTU value it produces, so the controlling size of the room also gets bigger.

There are different types of air conditioning devices as well. Aircon Types and applicable locations are closely related each other. Depending on the fixed location, devices called differently. For example if it is mounted on to the wall, it is called wall-mounted aircon type air-conditioning device. If it is mounted to the ceiling it is called ceiling aircon type air conditioning device, if it is split aircon type air conditioning device is called split aircon and so on.

There are also window-mounted aircon units available. These units are much easier to install and uninstall while people frequent movers from house to house. This could be the pro for this type, but the con is the loosing of precious window space taken by the aircon unit itself.

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