Aircon Services Setapak 

Install Aircon

Aircon installation should only be done by a professional. This involves four main parts:  installing the outdoor compressor unit on a suitable bracket, cutting access ports in the wall to lay aircon piping, mounting the indoor unit in different rooms, and cutting access ports in the wall to lay drainage piping.

The number of compressors compared to the number of indoor blower units are expressed as a system. For example, System 2 means 1 compressor can support 2 blower units. Similarly, System 3 means that 1 compressor can support 3 blower units

When installing System 2 and higher, you may need much longer piping to connect the compressor to the blower units that are further away.

Aircon Checking

Some aircon problems are hard to diagnose. For example, water dripping, odd smells, noises, or even ice forming on the aircon units. In such cases, you will need to ask your aircon repairman to do a full diagnostic check on the unit before recommending a suitable fix. A service charge may be required even if the repair is not carried out.

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