Carpentry is a job for experts, as it requires specialized tools and skills. We take responsibility for service delivery from end to end. We help you customize or repair your furniture, doors and windows.

Repair Furniture?

Hang Paintings?

Furniture Remodeling?

General Carpentry?

Our scope of service :

 Old Door Repair

 Old Window repair

 Table Glass Replacement

 Fitting Door Frame

 Hang Paintings (with 2 drills)

 Hang Paintings (with 3-4 drills)

 Curtain Rod

 Window Repair

 Window Mesh Replacement

 Door Repair

 Door Mesh Replacement

 Door Closure Repair

 Channel/Slider Repair

 Minor Chair Repair

 Dressing Table Minor Repair

 Almirah Repair

 Other Carpentry Repair

 Cooktop Repair

 Hob Repair

 Lock Repair

 Lock with knob Repair

 Angle fitting

 Latch fitting

 Aldaraj lock fitting

 New Hinges fitting

 New Furniture

 Office Fittings

 Furniture Paint and Polish

 Furniture Remodeling

 Modular Kitchen Fitting and Repair

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