Getting a consistent stream of income from rental property is as simple as it seems to be.

No matter how many rental properties you own, you need to make sure that the income generated is enough to cover the mortgage. But even if you manage that, what happens when the property starts to suffer from wear and tear?

Maintaining your rental property is a demanding task. However, it is vita to keep your property in good condition; during as well as in between tenancies. This helps prevent the rental value from dropping.

Here are points you should consider on your maintenance list to ensure your property remains in tip-top condition:

1.Air-conditioning units maintenance

Most of rental properties in Malaysia come with air conditioner units. It is normally stated in the tenancy agreement that the tenant has to service the aircon units once every 4 to 6 months.

However, low-quality servicing (or worse, DIY efforts) may not be effective. The aircon can suffer from a buildup of mould and fungus, or the aircon can get clogged and start leaking or smelling bad, affecting the comfort of your tenants.

Prevention is better than cure, so it’s better to have the AC units inspected and serviced by professional technicians. This way, not only will they run more smoothly and efficiently, but you can also prevent costly aircon repairs in the future.

2.Keeping your home pest free

Prospective tenants may not immediately notice if your rental property has a pest problem. However, if left unaddressed, pest problems can increase your tenant turnover rate, and if serious, will lead to unrentable property.

For example, termites can cause untold damage to your built-in carpentry, and rats and cockroach infestations can spread diseases. Some pests, like cockroaches and ants, can be dealt with using over-the-counter solutions. Nevertheless certain pests may require the services of a reliable pest control company.

3. Ensure that all water piping and electricals are working

Landlord is normally responsible for significant maintenance works like plumbing and electrical wiring, and tenants can expect these basic infrastructures to run without problems.

However, when problems arise, such as cracked switch plates, leaking taps, or blown fuses, many landlords try to take the DIY route to save money. If the problem is simple, and you have some skill in the area, by all means do the repair yourself. But, if the job is more complex (or dangerous), you will need to hire experts to diagnose the problem and do the repairs.

To ensure your property does not suffer from any long-term damage due to faulty plumbing or electricals, you may need to look for assistance from reliable electricians and plumbers whenever your tenants report an issue to you.

4. Furniture & fixtures update

Even if you offer an unfurnished rental unit, the fixtures such as light switches, bathroom and kitchen taps,door and window handles as well as shower mixers and shower heads tend to suffer from lots of wear and tear.

Perform routine checkups on these items and replace any fixtures that have worn out. Not only does this improve the appearance of your rental unit, it will also prevent further complications, such as leaks spreading to the walls or under the floor. For these repairs, you can hire a handyman to replace the fixtures.

5. Ensure that your property looking its best

First impressions count, and the appearance of your property to potential tenants can make all the difference to get the tenancy contract signed.

After your last tenants have moved out, consider upgrading the appearance of your rental unit. For example, hire a painter to give the unit a fresh coat of paint, or touch up any unsightly areas. You can also hire a handyman to patch up any cracked tiles or damaged flooring.

Then, hire a cleaning service to spring clean the unit. This is the best time to do it as the unit will be empty of any luggage or personal belongings.

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